Student Speaks at Diversity Forum

Kieran Sturdivant has held many leadership positions as a student at Concordia, including the office of SGA President, Alabama Association of Independent Colleges and Universities State Ambassador, and Pathway Peer Counselor. As an influential student leader, he was invited to speak at Concordia University Nebraska’s Student Diversity and Inclusion Committee Discussion Forum on April 20th.

Sturdivant worked to advise and consult the Concordia Nebraska students on how to better serve their diverse student population.

“I [was able to] speak to and meet with students and administration in multiple venues over several days,” said Sturdivant.

一道本不卡免费高清Dr. Laurie Zum Hofe of CU Nebraska said of Sturdivant, “We value Kieran’s experience and his excellent ability to connect with a Midwestern audience. No one will forget how to step from his tutelage!”

According to Hofe, the forum felt more like a laid back family reunion than anything else.

“Since we had attended the Black Student Leadership Conference at Concordia Chicago, this reunion of sorts felt very much like a family gathering with good conversation, thoughtful questions and lots of laughter.”

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